DZF Recap of Quarter One 2019 with some questions

Here is a recap of why my coaching, my athletes and I have been up to in Quarter One of 2019. The quarter 2 recap will be out (hopefully) sooner in early Q3. No promises but maybe I'll then get into more regular short podcasts. Ideas welcome. Strathpuffer The only...

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Jen McKenna …The time I did an IRONMAN!!

An Ironman?  Throwback to 2016 when I was walking the West Highland Way with three friends. I met a woman walking it on her own wearing a buff with ‘Ironman’ on it. I asked her what an 'Ironman' was, and felt inspired by her story. Although I have very little...

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Myrah Robb: Ironman Edinburgh 70.3 Race Report

Completed, injury free and mentally sane....phew! Loved every bit but wish it hadn’t been so hot for the run and I wasn’t so soaked by hoses by the end. The support crew from our club was overwhelming and thrilling! The support at home was unexpected and amazing. My...

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