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If you look around internet forums and ask about Online Coaching it often a perception of a standardized training programme being provided to all that sign up.

I would like to think that the online coaching I provide is far from this. The training programmes for my athlete are individual to each and every one of them. They delivered to the athletes on a weekly basis using state of the art coaching software provided by TrainingPeaks allowing for instant feedback and coach/athlete communication.

Very important to me is that the programme is designed around the time commitments an athlete has. The programme is therefore only delivered to the athlete after I have received their availability for the following week so that I can fill in the available training gaps.

Endurance is an expression used for events from 5k to marathon and beyond, including adventure sports, triathlons and cycle events.

You may be new to any of these or a seasoned campaigner looking to improve further. Sign up for one of the DeZeiner Fitness Coaching Programmes and fulfil your potential.