On March 21 I tested positive for covid after feeling a bit off for the previous 2 days. The following night I felt very much the same as I did after my first covid vaccination, feeling hot/cold and generally feverish. Unfortunately, after the vaccination I recovered within 48 hours, after contracting covid I didn’t. I was pretty much in a fit enough state within 36 hours to work at my desk again. Any other work I couldn’t do anyway due to self isolation, but any exercise was equally curtailed and as the week wore on it was either general fatigue and a head cold that would manifest themselves. The initial sore throat would gradually fade away as well as the high temperature.

I was lucky to test myself free from isolation on day 8 after the positive test and hoped that I could return to some form of exercise soon after. The return to exercise day eventually came 16 days after testing positive. I got out for some walking in the interim. What held me back was a high resting heart rate, low HRV readings and the head cold/slight fatigue that wouldn’t shift. It was only on Sunday April 3rd that I felt these markers had started to normalise. On that day we went for a walk in the Lomond Hills which had no ill effects on how I felt.

The following day HR and HRV readings were still good so by the afternoon I allowed myself a 45 min session on the home trainer. As I was able to see what HR was doing I could keep an eye on if this would be a good idea or not. Heart rate remained in expected zones but I took the intensity down as my legs weren’t used to this kind of exercise anymore. I did feel somewhat fatigued that evening and the following morning coupled with a lower HRV reading. So it is good to have done something again but the cautious approach from the previous week remains.

From talking to one of my friends Cathy who is also recovering from covid there can be a bit of a perception that the negative covid test after contracting it is the day we can return to normal (or not long to go then). It is important to note that this is only really the day that you can be free to mix with others. Everything else is still a gradual recovery process and needs to be approached with caution.

I have been able to steer clear from covid for 2 years and drew from the experiences of those around me who have had it including my clients who I was guiding through it. From here I can add this experience to guide others.