Completed, injury free and mentally sane….phew! Loved every bit but wish it hadn’t been so hot for the run and I wasn’t so soaked by hoses by the end. The support crew from our club was overwhelming and thrilling!
The support at home was unexpected and amazing. My son aged 6 wrote his race number for ironkids on his arm and leg, my 4 year old with a learning delay asked for more running once she crossed the line .. super proud.
Reason for me doing it, ( I never thought I would manage a race that long) was to support our awesome triathlete friend who got back into training after doing a tri a try in March this year following a 4 year absence from training due to a mega life threatening bike crash … he did it, loved it bought the t shirt and is embracing his new fitness … yeah, the miracle of sport.
To join the list of inspiring and encouraging Tri friends who have done this race and others before esp Clare Dow, Linda Buchanan and Kirsty McBirnie.
Oh and an excuse to put my conservative level of training to some use and maintain sanity … a 4 and 6 year old at home, my job as a nurse means someone always needs your help.
Having seen Clare embrace her ability to compete with such strength and determination I knew it was essential to use Karl’s method of coaching, the structure and framework to allow me to see the potential that I had.

Discipline summary
Late night turbos started in Feb, led into some snowy mountain bike trips, into windy road bike trips into glorious spring training led me into a strong controlled bike race, bike and me worked well (oh and a very capable bike maintenance crew in my garage at home ?)
Swimming went from floundering in lane 2 at the Commie (Royal Commonwealth Pool), getting out of the pool early and even tears because I was ‘so slow’ blossomed into cruising through 2 decent Open water swim races this year and comfortable times for me (new tri garmin watch nourished my confidence too; thanks to tech/gadget maintenance crew at home ?)
Running with Karl.. the little I did seemed by magic to allow me to achieve half marathon distance without a bother and I’m looking forward to another in September.
Overall I would insist we all join a yoga session, I did Piyo Yoga weekly and Adrienne free on you tube.
Karl’s first lesson needs to be set up tech, connect, sigh up, sync, monitor, then start training the easy stuff.
To run, train, swim with good friends at a similar level to you to let you pass the miles chatting and putting the world to right made me very happy on numerous occasions.
Also I’d encourage attending coached swimming and Karl’s one to one to improve technique wash away irritabilities and smooth out your stroke. The logical and clear instruction that comes from Karl made such a difference to my confidence.
Will I do an Iron man probably not, will I hope to do a half? Yes for definite.
Would I use Karl de Z… absolutely, but I won’t stress about having reds on my pie chart… you know what I mean …it’ll all work out on the night … ?